What Goes Into Effective And Powerful Web Design?

It won’t take you very long to get a website going. In fact, if you know which platforms to use, you can have a functional website running in 60 minutes or less. And even though it’s great to know you can have an online presence within the hour, there is still a lot of work to get done. In this particular case, you want to know more about the overall web design factors. Are they important and how much should you care?

The Importance Of Professional And Powerful Web Design

Newbie website owners might not realize it now, but the design of the site plays a big part in how successful it will be. Even when a basic or minimalist approach is used, it needs to be done right. Why? Because using a cookie-cutter theme can only get you so far. And this is exactly what happens when millions of people want to start a blog or site all of a sudden.

The quick access to free platforms increases the number of free themes being used, meaning it gets harder and harder to be unique. Sure, a cookie-cutter theme can be effective depending on what you want to do with the site. But if you want to start a business or launch a brand, the site needs to be created according to the business model.

In other words, you want to explore custom web design.

The Benefits Of Custom Web Design

Before learning more about the elements that ultimately go into an effective and powerful website, take a moment to think about the advantages you get. For example, you don’t have to compromise your business model to fit with the theme. Because when you use a ready-made template, it can only be tweaked as much as the author allows. Plus, there is no telling whether the author will update the theme at a later stage, which is very problematic.

With custom web design, on the other hand, the site is developed according to the needs of the business or brand. Everything from the way users interact with the site to functionality will be totally unique, which is important if you want to be competitive.

Investing in professional web design also proves that you are serious about your project. In other words, there is a good chance everyone else will take you seriously too.

Elements That Make The Difference

This is the part where you learn more about the variables of powerful web design, just in case you want to familiarize yourself with the skill. Of course, these are just a few of the things that have to be implemented and considered during the design, but they give you a pretty good idea what the fundamentals entail.

  • Loading Speed

A good starting block would be the loading speed of the site. In fact, it should linger in the back of your mind from start to finish, seeing as both search engines and users pay meticulous attention. More specifically, they literally count the seconds it takes for a page to load.

The point is to keep your loading speed in mind with every decision you make. Will it cause lag and how much?

  • Balance Between Visual Appeal And Functionality

It is natural that you want the site to look amazing, and you want to grab attention quickly. But when you create so much excitement visually, you also create expectations in terms of functionality. So, make sure the links are working and the tags are accurate. Is there sufficient menu space and will the users be comfortable with the overall layout?

  • Highly Responsive

Another crucial factor you have to consider from the start is making the site as responsive as possible. Given that online users have a multitude of devices with which they connect, it means the experience is going to be different. Based on factors like device capabilities and screen resolution, it requires the website to adapt significantly.

The consequence of not having a responsive theme means not showing up in search results for certain devices. And whether you cater for mobile or desktop users, you missing out on a lot of traffic potential.

  • User-Friendly And Engaging

You want visitors to hang around your site for as long as possible. But this won’t happen if the site isn’t easy to navigate or users don’t find it engaging. Hence the reason for using custom web design approaches. Then you can cater to your specific market. At the same time, increased user-engagement will help to boost your search engine rankings.

Ultimately, you have to decide how far you plan on taking the website, and whether you are ready to spend money on important issues like web design. And if you do decide your idea is worth the investment, consult with a professional web designer like the folks at Digital Epidemic to help you bring your idea to life.

Setting Up Shop

We’ve got the keys in hand and just opened the doors to this virtual space. Time to do a little sweeping and start moving in the content. We will be a source for all things web design and business related websites. Check back soon for an update!